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Stand with The Jericho House: Join Us in Setting the Captives Free

We've all witnessed the harrowing impact of addiction. It tears through families, shattering lives and dreams, leaving behind a wake of devastation and sorrow. The Jericho House is here to offer a beacon of hope—a path to recovery and restoration.

Your contribution, big or small, goes directly to the heart of this struggle. It empowers us to provide the crucial support that individuals desperately need in their fight against addiction. When you donate to The Jericho House, you're not just giving funds; you're breathing life into families and rekindling extinguished hopes.

Every Dollar Counts in Saving Lives

With your support, we can:

  • Offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs

  • Extend counseling services to both addicts and their loved ones

  • Foster a supportive community focused on healing and long-term recovery

Join us in our mission. Donate today and be a part of someone's story of freedom and transformation. Your generosity means the world to those ensnared by addiction. Together, we can restore peace and create a future where families thrive in unity and strength.

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